Anti-slip cargo mats

Low weight | Odorless | Stronger | Repeatedly usable | Replacement indicator

LaSiGRIPTex anti-slip mats are tear resistant, low weight and odorless.

Mats can be used multiple times and contain replacement indicators.

LaSiGRIPTex Rolls for covering larger areas with long tracks of LaSiGRIP anti-slip material.

 With the LaSiGRIPTex anti-slip mats, a milestone was reached in cargo securing. Due to the use of low weight anti-slip materials, the weight required for securing cargo can be reduced from about 95 kg per truckload, to only 3 kg. This means that trucks can hold more cargo. The LaSiGRIPTex anti-slip mats are extremely flexible and tear-resistant which makes that loading times can be reduced by 50%. The LaSiGRIPTex anti-slip mat is lighter, more sustainable and more user-friendly than the old-fashioned solutions. LaSiGRIPTex is available in different sizes!

Most of the anti-slip mats nowadays have a coefficient of friction of μ= 0,6. However, there are still some differences in quality of anti-slip mats and it is hard to find out these differences. Therefore, it is important that recent coefficients of friction are provided in the certificate of the manufactures.
This lack of association of the product and the corresponding certificate opens the market for “cheap” materials which have not been tested. LaSiGIPTex anti-slip mats are printed for this reason, the current Certificate Number. This has the advantage that controlling authorities can immediately recognize the reference to the certificate of the anti-slip mats and, secondly, the replacement state is identified by the imprint. The pressure is set so that it wears away the corresponding use. If the print is no longer recognizable, the LaSiGRIPTex anti-slip mat has to be sorted out.


LaSiGRIPTex has many possible applications in transport and logistics: 

  • Tightly attached to pallets      
  • Between Loadings
  • Direct to the loading area           
  • Loosely on the ground


"Ultra-Seal" tires sealant EN

"Ultra-Seal" tires sealant LV

Fuel tank protection 

Toolboxes for light comercial transport

New boxes in DAKEN assortment - CAR TRAILERS TOOLBOXES!

  • external dimension (mm) -- 550x250x280
  • internal dimension (mm) -- 479x179x222
  • weight (Kg) -- 2,5
  • capacity (Lt) -- 23

toolbox for car trailer

Plastic toolboxes for light comercial transport - file for PRINTING

Agricultural Exhibition

International Agricultural Exhibition “Ką pasėsi... 2016“ on March 31- April 2 was held in the Aleksandras Stulginskis University. This is the twenty first spring and a total of forty-second exhibition held at the University.

UAB Ecobaltic participated in the exhibition. Few moments from the exhibition:



More photos in  Ecobaltic and Bizol facebook 

Bizol oil technical training

The BIZOL brand stands for consistent German production quality in six global market segments: passenger cars, buses and trucks, motorcycles, boats, agricultural machinery and industrial applications.

During the past few years BIZOL has expanded its international distribution network considerably: In 2009 BIZOL lubricants were present in 7 countries, now in over 60, and  soon BIZOL will be in 100 countries. 
UAB Ecobaltic - the new Bizol partner in Lithuania and Latvia. 

The company "Ecobaltic" together with Bizol partnes from Germany on 8-9th December in Kaunas organized and held Technical Training which was attended by truck and spare parts dealers  from Lithuania.

Bizol technical expert presented:

Engine Oils Module I Gear Oils Module I Technical Sprays I Additives I Coolants I Brake Fluids

Training moments:


Bizol alyva mokymai  Bizol training Lithuania

Wabco training

The company "Ecobaltic" together with WABCO on 15th April in Kaunas organized and held Technical Training which was attended by trailer producers  from Lithuania and Estonia.

WABCO ABS and EBS systems for agricultural trailers were presented at the training.  

WABCO presented  vehicle efficiency technical solutions: TrailerGUARD Telematics, Lift Axle Control, Load Level Memory, Immobilizer, Notebook function, OptiLoad, Trailer Extension Control, Multi Voltage.

Drivers comfort solutions: Operating Data Recoder, Trailer Romote Control, Return To Ride, Finisher Brake, Traction Help, Opti turn.

Enviroment: ECAS, Air bellow protector, Axle (over) Load Indicator.

Advanced safety: Tilt Alert, Router & Repeater, ABS RSS, TailGUARD, Forklift Control, Bounce Control, Emergency Brake Alert.


VBG coupling 795 V-2


As a commercial driver, you depend on everything going smoothly and simply. Each stop costs time and money, which means you require a lot from the products you use. Our Best Selling VBG795V coupling has been a favourite among commercial drivers for many years, and we are now introducing a new version. We like to think that the new VBG 795 V-2 is “innovation at its best”


To make things easier for you as a commercial driver, the new VBG 795 V­2 is equipped with a coupling mouth extender. This means that it’s easier to “hit the mark” when coupling. This also means that the amount of damage to other equipment is reduced should an accident occur. The new VBG 795 V­2 is lighter than its predecessor. The coupling mouth is made of more durable material, which means fewer visits to the workshop for you. And perhaps the best thing about it is that it’s easy to replace. The coupling mouth can be pulled out by loosening six screws, making it much quicker to mount a new one. You save both time and money.



On this model we have kept the short design for the coupling mouth, making it ideal for fitting when there is little space available.


This variant is equipped with the extension underneath, making it easier to guide in the drawbar without it ending up below the coupling.


The third model has extensions both on top and underneath, providing optimum safety and help with steering.

VBG - THE STRONG CONNECTION The strength of VBG’s coupling system lies in the fact that all parts work together in a robust, well-conceived system where every part has been optimised for maximum safety and performance. The system’s couplings, drawbeams, end plates, drawbars and other accessories guarantee fitting options for all types of truck.

Semi- traction batteries

Semi – traction battery  –  for the same price as usual battery!


                Warranty 2 years                                                                                      Price without VAT

The main technical characteristics

 Thicker plates

 Grid plates with radial geometry

 Active material with specific composition to resist the cyclical discharges

 Grids of Pb / Sb / Sn / As / Se alloy which improves corrosion resistance and improves the contact
  between the active material allows

 Micro-porous rubber separators with glass fiber mats to prevent the loss of active materials.

Truckline Semitraction batteries feature Glass Fiber separators for cycling stability, vibration resistance and extended service life. They are specially designed to provide plenty of cold cranking power for easy starting and ample reserve power to handle the cycling demands typical of LGVs, buses, coaches, marine and other applications


TRP Xtreme Power 225Ah battery 

TRP offers a complete and high-quality range of batteries. TRP

batteries are designed, tested and manufactured in line with

OE specifications. TRP batteries will offer you the best battery

solution for every application. TRP, Quality you can trust!

TRP Quality Batteries

• Engineered according to OE specifications

• High starting power and long service life

• Excellent performance in all circumstances

• Reliability for the lowest operating cost

• Complete range for everyone’s needs

• 2 year warranty



  DAF Genuine SHD Endurance 230 Ah batterry

DAF Genuine Battery program covers all requirements for the complete DAF vehicles range. DAF Genuine Batteries 
have maximum performance and
are based on the latest technology in the battery business. With DAF Genuine
Batteries you know you have quality!
Build for endurance:
• OE quality batteries
• Latest innovations in battery technology
• Maximum reliability & performance
• Extended service life
• 100% maintenance free
Nowadays the function of a truck battery has changed more and more from a starting function to a supporting
function for the comfort adding power consumers (e.g parking coolers, microwave, TV etc). Also is the truck battery
more and more subject to high vibrations. High power consumption and high vibrations can shorten the lifetime of a
battery drastically.
The only solution for this is the new DAF Genuine SHD Endurance 230Ah battery.

Battery Maintenance:
Always read the operating manual on the side before using the battery. It provides important instructions about the appropriate
handling and maintenance of the battery.
Preventive testing and charging: to maximize the life of a battery, it’s advised to regularly check and charge your
battery as voltage can drop to critical levels without notice. In case voltage drops below 12.5V, charging is required
to keep the battery in good shape. Check out the complete TRP charger and tester program in the online catalogue
Stocking: in case of stocking batteries in your warehouse, bear in mind that batteries self-discharge quicker at higher
temperatures. Check the voltage at least once every 2 months and charge if needed. Apply the FIFO principle in your
warehouse: First In, First Out.

DAKEN boxes

The plastic toolboxes are made of first-quality polypropylene and produced by injection moulding. Every plastic toolbox has been exposed to resistance, water-ingress and breakage tests of its components at extreme temperatures and it has achieved excellent results.

Toolboxes :

                                  DAK8104                                                  DAK81104

 Fire extinguisher boxes:

The fire extinguisher boxes have excellent mechanical resistance, polished finishes and dimensional precision.
Fit for extinguishers with diameter of 150 -170 mm


      DAK82060                                       DAK82070                                                   DAK82170


Evaporative cooler

 TRP cooler 


Bycool Flat is an extra-flat evaporative unit with easy installation which mainly application is to cool the cabins of the trucks and other vehicles using the natural evaporation of water, either with the engine running or switched OFF, during day-time and night-time, for resting in the cabin and for loading and unloading operations.

Bycool Flat is the result of a huge experience in the electronic evaporative coolers; its extra-flat design allows a better installation on trucks equipped with spoiler. It is also equipped with active carbon filters at the air inlets, which prevents the entry of dust, pollen and particles in suspension in dusty environment working places.


  • Completely electrical.
  • Saving fuel expenses. It only consumes water.
  • 100% environmentally friendly, working engine-OFF by preventing atmospheric emissions of CO2
  • Comfortable rest in the vehicle cab which contributes to road safety
  • Installation without touching the vehicle engine.
  • Working with engine switched ON or OFF.
  • Easy mounting without drilling the cab and adjustable to all types of hatches.


  • Installation on the roof.
  • The active carbon filters make the air inside the cab free of dust, pollen and particles in suspension.
  • Manual function.
  • Low electrical consumption.
  • Air flow: 800 m3/h.
  • Control Panel.
  • Systems specially designed for hazardous goods transport (ADR)